Bizarre Plot to Kill Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber


A bizarre and gruesome plot to torture, castrate and kill Justin Bieber in late November has come to light. The would-be assassins planned to strangle him and his bodyguard and then dismember them.

The felon who concocted the plot, Dana Martin, is serving two life sentences for raping and killing a 15 year old girl in Vermont in 2000 according to KRQE. He recruited Mark Aaron Staake, 41, and his nephew, Tanner Ruane, 23 to commit the unspeakable crimes.

Martin convinced the two men from New Mexico to kill a total of four people, including Bieber, with promises of a lucrative payout. He also told Staake that Chinese gangs in New York sanctioned the crimes.

Staake met Martin when they were imprisoned together. Staake then convinced his nephew Ruane to go along with the crime.

Martin was apparently a Bieber fan and when his mail to Bieber went unanswered he became upset. He told the men he wanted them to use garden shears to commit the castrations. Ruane had garden shears on him when arrested and he was the one enlisted to do the castration. Martin also instructed them to use a paisley tie to strangle the victims because it is Dana Martin’s signature.

The first two people to be killed, and who were living in Vermont, were former friends who were witnesses to the murder he committed in 2000. The hit men were then supposed to travel to Madison Square Garden to kidnap and kill Bieber and his bodyguard where Bieber was performing.

Before they could carry out their heinous plot, Staake and Ruane became lost and went across the Canadian border. Upon re-entering the United States, a U.S. border guard questioned them and, upon investigation, discovered Staake’s outstanding warrants and arrested him on the spot.

Ruane called Martin at the prison twice after Staake was arrested and said he would not commit the crimes without Staake. Both calls were recorded by the prison. Ruane confessed the next day and was arrested on November 26th.

Justin Bieber employs an impressive security detail, including his security director Moshe Benabou, a former Israeli soldier, and Dustin Folkes, a celebrity bodyguard based in Los Angeles. Kenny Hamilton, his former bodyguard, is his tour manager. None of them are far from his side and are very protective.

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