Black Man Tosses Burning Chemical Into 13-Year Old’s Eyes, Screaming Racist Epithets


A young girl getting off a bus in Queens was attacked by a black man with a water bottle filled with some kind of a chemical. He screamed racial epithets at the girl just before he threw the unknown substance in her eyes.

The child’s eyes were treated for burns. Her aunt was able to snap a photo of him as he ran off.

The left’s hate towards whites has ginned up the worst in people and incited the crazies.

What was that the left was saying about it being impossible to be racist towards whites?


  1. Eight LOOOOONG years of Obama’s most divisive administration in my life time, maybe ever, has left it’s horrible stain on the fabric of America.

    Because I fully vetted Barack Hussein Obama prior to his 2008 presidential win, I had a very good handle on what was to come. I fully expected Obama to apply the political ideals of the person who, by his own admission, most affected his politic views… his mother who was a radically committed Marxist. In fact she was so committed to being a, “fellow traveler,” she sent little Barry packing, off to live with his maternal grandparents (committed Communists) freeing her up to devote her all to the cause.

    But still, as he was to become our first, black president (that’s if you don’t count Bill Clinton), we all hoped he would use his unique position to put the issue of racial unrest and division forever in our rear view mirror. Instead, he not only squandered that great opportunity, he took the opportunity to plant new fields sowed anew with seeds of greater racial divides pitting all socio-economic and racial groups of American citizens against each other. It was a total slash and burn, divide and conquer assault on America.

    Of course, we’ve heard very little about the viscous attack on this child. Just as we hear little to nothing of, only God knows, the numbers of horrific events all around the nation. Random searches of police-beat Internet sites of cities around the country is testimony to that.

    The MSM strictly follows this mantra: If the narrative doesn’t fit, the MSM must omit.

  2. When this man is caught each day, at an unspecified time, something should be tossed in his eyes. Sometimes it will be harmless, but perhaps 10% it should cause severe irritation. And one day he will be told that the big one is coming, something that will rob him of his sight forever. Let him know the fear he caused others.

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