Black Teen Attempts to Kill Off-Duty Cop in St. Louis, Sparks More Violent ‘Protests’



An off-duty white police officer shot and killed a black 18-year old male in St. Louis. He shot him 17 times, 5-7 bullets hit him in the front according to an autopsy. The officer was working a security job. The officer was accused of shooting him while he was unarmed.

His mother and cousin said he was unarmed. Teyonna Myers, 23, who said the victim who was her cousin, claimed he “had a sandwich in his hand, and they thought it was a gun. It’s like Michael Brown all over again.”

The sandwich was able to fire three bullets at the officer who returned fire.

What a sandwich it must have been.

Syreeta Myers told the AP today that the victim was her son, and that he wasn’t armed. Antonio French, a community leader and a regular presence at the Ferguson protests, was on the scene last night, and tweeted that Myers was at the scene and fainted.

The vigilantes did not wait for the facts. The Ferguson mob raced to Saint Louis to attack police cars, spit on the police, throw bricks and bottles, smash windows and create mayhem everywhere.

Vonderrick Myers Jr, 18, had a criminal history at his young age. He was armed with a stolen gun and he fired three times at the officer before his Ruger 9mm jammed.

The gun has been recovered and a press conference has been held.

The officer was patrolling the neighborhood for a private firm when he saw three males who started to run. He got into a verbal confrontation with one which escalated into gunfire.

The only reason the 18-year old didn’t fire more than three times is because his gun was jammed. While the officer fired 17 times, it is not known how many bullets hit the youth.

None of the violent protesters were arrested.

The teen was attempting to kill the off-duty officer and the argument is no longer about the teen supposedly being unarmed. Now the scandal is about the officer defending himself by shooting 17 times. Apparently, an officer under fire isn’t supposed to shoot more than his attacker.

This attack on police isn’t right. They have police officers on the defensive. We can’t have law enforcement afraid to do their job. These out of control “protesters” need to be put in their place but we actually have a president who promotes their criminal behavior for political expediency.

Source: St. Louis Dispatch