Black Watchman Killed 16-Year Old Teen, Media Ignored the Story


2009-cervini-and-scottPhoto of 16-year old victim and watchman who claimed self-defense 

In 2009, a black watchman killed a white 16-year old boy in self-defense. The media ignored the story though it was almost identical to the Trayvon Martin – George Zimmerman case.

The only stories the media are interested in are the ones that will divide the American people. This administration and its state-sponsored media want to keep the people angry at one another using race, religion, wealth and anything else they can think of.

It could be because the left-wing wants to turn the United States into the United Socialist States of America. They can better achieve their goal by dividing and conquering us.

Even if you don’t agree with me about the left-wing nature of the bias in the media, you must agree the media is biased if you are paying attention. Mr. Swoope who posted the story believes the media wants to stir up a race war. I agree but why? Just to sell papers?

Via Terry Swoope