BlackLivesMatter Chant About Frying Cops While Obama Renames a Mountain



The naming of Mt. McKinley was done by legislation in 1917 and, as usual, Mr. Obama ignored the law and changed the name of the mountain to Denali in advance of his climate change propaganda tour of the state.

Senator Mccaskill, a Republican, was pleased. She also doesn’t care about the law apparently. The end justifies the means.

Alaskans have wanted the name changed for some time but that isn’t the point. It required an act of Congress, not a dictatorial president.

At the same time, Barack Obama didn’t have a word to say on behalf of Officer Darren Doforth or any of the officers killed in the last two weeks by violent criminals. In Officer Doforth’s case, the killer murdered Doforth because he was an officer and possibly because he was a white officer.

Officer Doforth’s wife Kathleen feels she must do something about the hateful rhetoric against police officers. Her family is devastated and her two children who saw their father as a hero are without a father.


There was a vile BlackLivesMatter (BLM) rally prior to the officer’s murder and check out the horrible chants from the group immediately after his murder.

Where are our leaders condemning this? Is it a matter of anything goes? The majority of the black community is opposed to this so where are the Democrats and where are all the politicians for that matter?

I know where the Democrats are – they’re out rounding up their votes.

Right before this rally, the DNC passed a resolution to support this perverse group, according to MSNBC. Why did they need a resolution? Democrats supported and encouraged Occupy Wall Street also. They will do anything for votes and criminals are generally one of their voting blocks.

This cop hatred is complete anarchy. It’s a breakdown in the rule of law. I’m all for a certain amount of anarchy to keep our government honest but this is an evil, violent movement of criminals and misfits who need to be stopped. It needs to be shut down and we need to hear more public outcry.

The president stirred these people up and he has done nothing to shut them down.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has an idea of where the war came from. It is a direct result of Barack Obama’s actions and the failed liberal policies of local politicians.

There is no sense of urgency on the part of the president, Sheriff Clarke believes.

Barack Obama breathed life into this anti-cop sentiment, this cop hatred, and he stands by as it goes on, Clarke said. Obama visited federal prisoners – federal prisoners – as he pardoned 46 of them. Sheriff Clarke wonders why he doesn’t take a moment of his time, leave the golf course, and go visit a police station, attend a roll call, encourage the officers who put their lives on the line every day to protect the community.

This is a direct assault on the rule of law. The rule of law is a bedrock of our democracy.

Sheriff Clarke suggested counter-protests to this vile group.

The mindless MTV social justice Marxists want to make sure BlackLivesMatter isn’t just a hashtag.


  1. The White House is orchestrating, protecting, and supporting radical leftists who are behind the campaign of cop killings. Obama is covered with the blood of innocents and it’s going to get worse until he has an excuse to declare martial law. There must be push-back, as Sheriff Clarke says.

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