#blacklivesmatter #fyf911 Radio Show Says It’s Open Season for Picking Off Cracka Cops


#blacklivesmatter #fyf911 are calling for the murder of more police officers and they are doing it on a site called blog talk radio. They are trying to start a race war and paint the false impression that blacks hate whites and visa versa. These criminals do not represent black people. Black people do not support this.

“It’s open season on killing whites and police officers and probably killing cops period. It’s open season. Picking them off. Today we live in a time when the white man will be picked off,“ the narrator says.

He claims the predators are now the prey.

When the Tea Party was popular and committed no crimes, the left and the media did everything possible to shut them down. It is now time for them all to shut down this Soros-funded movement.

It has become a violent, dangerous hate group. These people need to be stopped immediately. Criminals, gangs, unions, The Revolutionary Communist Party, Occupiers, black separatists are all fully involved in this movement.

There can’t be any discussion on how some of the members are good people. Would we say that about Aryan Nation or the KKK? It’s inherently evil.

What happened in Ferguson and Baltimore when they “protested”? The supporters of the movement were burning down stores. The officials in both cities allowed these criminals to loot and burn. It was complete anarchy.

The narrator on the radio show – King Noble – has abused the First Amendment. He’s threatening to kill people. He needs to be arrested.

I received this comment on one of my articles about this vile group:

Get whitey
September 1, 2015 at 12:30 pm 
White people getting closer time to die stab whitey f*** him in his brown eye shoot whitey f*** him in his brown eye white people getting closer time to die .

I forwarded it to the FBI. For all I know, a white person wrote this, but when did these loons get a free pass?

The more we allow these people and their sympathizers to go on, the more Americans will be put in unnecessary danger.

Barack Obama is off doing reality shows and pushing his socialist agenda while officers are being killed. He doesn’t care at all about the black on black crime that’s destroying black youth. He doesn’t care about the young black men being lost to gangs or the young unemployed black women.

His interests are socialism and promoting hate. Obama is out Tuesday talking about so-called submerged countries that don’t exist while police are being vilified and all whites are being called racists. Obama is the one who let this hate loose on our country.

We need to love our fellow man, we need to be united, but we can’t with these socialists in power.

These photos were shown during the audio.

Officer Darren Doforth and family

murdered reporters



  1. This is Obama’s Doing and is Another Reason He Needs to Be Taken Out of The White House Because Not Only Has He Committed Treason He Has Actually Started a Race War

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