Blah Jobs Numbers, Unemployment Ticks Up


The economy eked out 175,000 jobs, below what it has been for the past year, and unemployment inched up to 6.7% with total unemployment at 12.6%.

The jobs numbers went up but the unemployment still went up. The total unemployed, which includes part time workers, went down slightly.

There is no improvement in the numbers of people in the work force. That is dismal.

Since the number is higher than the 129,000 in January, that kills the bad weather excuse for poor jobs numbers.

Meanwhile Solar panel maker Shanghai Chaori Solar Energy Science & Technology has defaulted on interest payments owed on its bond. It is the first Chinese firm ever to default on its onshore corporate bonds, according to bbc news. China will not apparently bailout any company in danger of default. They don’t have enough money to bail everything out.