Bleak Jobs Picture on Long Island



We now have the fifth straight month of job decline on Long Island according to the NYS Department of Labor.

The Island had 12,800 fewer jobs in September than it did the year before, the data show.

The private sector had 8,100 fewer jobs than it did a year ago, and the public sector had 4,700 fewer.

Let’s make sure we keep voting in the same people who gave us the MTA tax, high real estate taxes, and burdensome entitlement programs so we can keep up this losing formula.

Bishop, Bellone, Steve Fiore-Rosenfeld (who is up for re-election this year), and Mark Lesko need to hold office so we lose even more jobs, something their tax and spend policies have brought about. Read here: Newsday

Don’t worry, all is not lost. We have a new 1200 square foot community house being built in Gordon Heights for $500,000. ACORN will be based in it. Of course a 1200 square foot resale in this area starts at $60,000.

Here it is –