Bloomberg Anti-Gun Group Is Blaming Guns



The Michael Bloomberg organized anti-gun group, Moms Demand Action, decided to express their special, heartfelt condolences for the French and others killed in Paris by claiming the event was a “mass shooting” and the problem is “gun violence.” This was despite the fact that everyone knew who was responsible from the very beginning of the well-coordinated attack.

This is the group that named Tamerlan Tsarnaev as a “victim of gun violence” after the Boston Marathon bombing. They also endorsed gun runner Leland Yee and made him a member of their group. They’re a joke.

Bloomberg’s Everytown joined in with the anti-gun rhetoric.

France has very restrictive gun laws and the Kalashnikovs used by the terrorists are certainly not allowed anywhere in France. At least citizens can’t own them.

In no way is this a gun problem, it is a problem of radical Muslim terrorism. Moms Demand Action should not that they did not only use guns, they used bombs. All wore suicide vests.

I posted on this tweet, telling them that they had no credibility because this was a terror attack and I was immediately blocked. The responses were almost all negative at that point.

The next tweet they put up pointed to a Daily Beast article titled, This is How AK-47s Get to Paris, which explains the guns come from Russia through the Balkans.

The takeaway for the MOMS DEMAND is this paragraph: Correctly anticipating foreign demand for military-grade weaponry, traffickers defied half-hearted efforts on the part of governments to remove guns from circulation. ‘Most of the legislation in the region is still in its early stages and untested,’ Small Arms Survey concluded.

And this: And on a Friday night in November, heavily-armed terrorists opened fire yet again, in a lawful country with few legal guns that has the misfortune to be surrounded by lawless countries… with lots of guns.

Wen grabbers. must remove guns from circulation throughout the world and countries that have guns are “lawless”, according to the monotonous blather coming from the gun grabbers. I’m sure Russia and the other truly lawless nations will cooperate. These people want good people unarmed while terrorists and criminals keep their guns.


  1. “‘Most of the legislation in the region is still in its early stages and untested,’ Small Arms Survey concluded.”
    Bullshit, Europe has had gun control for DECADES. It’s been illegal to import automatic weapons into all the countries between Russia and France without a permit for about the same amount of time.

    When someone has to lie that blatantly it tells you two things, that they know they’re wrong, and that they hope you don’t care.

  2. Bloomberg is a lying socialist pig who uses every ugly crisis to push his absurd views and deny our second amendment! This was a terrorist attack, plain and simple by the group Isis, Isil, Dash, and it was done by Muslim Extremists! Bloomberg’s sheeple will attempt to blame this attack on the weapon they despise, while he himself is protected by security armed with GUNS! Why does he not mention the grenades, suicide bombs, and cars used in these attacks? It does’t fit his narrative. When will they be honest? After they have your guns? Never!

  3. I am making a HUGE donation to Bloomergs Every Town for Gun Safety today..Thank you for everything you are doing to save our children.

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