Bloomberg Bans God on 9/11


Update 9/11/11: Bloomberg isn’t either, he’s just a political opportunist who chose not to deal with the Atheists and religious interests. In the end, it didn’t matter. The speakers, including President Obama, talked of God and quoted scripture. Our “secular” nation isn’t as secular as he hoped.

No mention of God, no prayers, no religious speakers are allowed according to the Mayor turned dictator.

I hope the victims families protest because this isn’t the United States when a Mayor can ban God from a ceremony that affects all of us and speaks to every American.

Quite frankly, Bloomberg had no involvement with 9/11/01 and held no office on that day, so he should consider not going near the podium and speaking during that ceremony.

He has less right to speak at the ceremony than religious representatives. He has less right to speak than the first responders who are also banned from speaking.

Bloomberg likely had a problem deciding how to pick a representative from each religion, particularly Islam, and then what does he do about the atheists? So, he took the easy way out and had the gall to ban God.