Bloomberg’s Most Popular Article: Conservatives Are Bigots, Privileged, Selfish, Maybe Insane


One of Bloomberg News’ most popular articles in the last two days is an editorial by Progressive strategist and writer Francis Wilkinson who manages in one short piece to subtly call Republicans insane, Conservatives bigots, privileged, selfish, arrogant and myopic, not in those words, but the meaning is clearly that. He uses the article to advise Republicans they need to vote for legalization of all illegal immigrants to win another presidential election.

I always take my advice from Progressives.

The not-so-subtle photo which goes with the article states “not our people?”:


Former editor of left-wing magazine The Week and Democratic strategist, Francis Wilkinson, uses his writing skills to demonize Conservatives and “nudge” us into believing a whole host of Democratic measures must be supported for Conservatives and Republicans to survive.

His article  posted two days ago in Bloomberg News is titled, “Conservatives Fear Discrimination Against Whites.” It is an editorial with the air of a news story. It’s not about Conservatives fearing Discrimination as the title would imply; it’s about their alleged fear of losing white privilege. They are so fearful in fact that they overestimate the percentage of non-whites more than any other demographic group according to a poll conducted by Latino Decisions.

At least that’s what Wilkinson would have us believe and illegal immigration is a nice distraction from ObamaCare and Mr. Obama’s non-existent foreign policy.

Wilkinson said the same poll shows many are fearful that there will be a rise in racial discrimination against whites.

He quoted a Republican pollster to further his point.

Bill McInturff, a respected GOP pollster, said his party’s problem is that most GOP congressional districts have been drawn to be overwhelmingly white, insulating congressional Republicans from the larger demographic shifts afoot in the nation.

“They don’t know what’s coming” demographically, he said. “It may well take another presidential loss before they figure out.”

Wilkinson used that as his jumping off point to say white Conservatives think it’s already here and the reason they are upset is of course “white privilege” which Progressives can’t throw around enough. It’s effective though wrong and it implies a horrendous sort of racial bigotry which he tactfully calls “racial animosity.”

White privilege is an invented theory promoted by one woman in one article and it’s been a Progressive sword used against Republicans every since.

He even has a nice quote to provide proof: “As John Higham wrote in his history of American nativism, ‘Strangers in the Land,’ American white Protestants considered themselves heirs of ‘the supreme Anglo-Saxon virtue, a gift for political freedom,’ which included a ‘unique capacity for self-government.’ By muddying the racial composition of the nation, immigration not only jeopardizes white privilege, it risks undermining the foundations of freedom itself.”

I don’t know anyone who thinks that but I do know plenty who are aware of the open borders and the purpose of the open borders.

Conservatives know that the purpose of the Democratic push for illegal immigration, particularly of uneducated immigrants, is not about helping them, it’s about establishing a permanent Democratic voting majority in the United States.

It’s not white privilege driving Conservatives and it’s not fear holding them back from legalizing what is far more than 11 million people here illegally, but rather it’s the 20 to 30 million people here illegally, if you count chain migration, who take jobs from Americans, particularly black Americans to whom we do have our first obligation. It is about the illegal population coming from communist and socialist nations, ripe for more of the same ideology, who are being caught up in the net of far-left entitlements and feigned concern set up by Progressives.

It is about a border that is not closed and will not be closed by any of the immigration laws being proposed. If Progressives wanted to close the borders at any time, they would willingly do it. They could do it now. Their intention is to keep the borders open until the Democratic voting majority is irreversible and beyond.

Progressives believe in open borders and do not believe in sovereignty. They like a global world where all are as one. They are Marxists after all.

Republicans don’t know how to counteract the damage being done by Progressives offering gifts and free entry to the United States. The

Progressives did much the same to the black populations.

African-Americans were predominantly Conservative, God-fearing people who were overwhelmed by the promises of Progressives, who won so many over to a Marxist ideology. It’s the Marxists who care. It’s the Marxists who will bring them out of a bad place. It’s the Conservatives who think they are superior to blacks and want to hold them back.

That is playing out again with Hispanics. Conservatives are being made into the enemy who don’t want to help them with the entitlements that end up enslaving generations of people. It’s Republicans who don’t want to give them citizenship and that’s because of the Conservative base.

Is it true?

What Conservatives want is a border, enforceable laws upholding those borders, and law enforcement officers supported by their government. It doesn’t matter to Progressives that drugs and terrorists are pouring into our borders. It doesn’t matter to them if illegal immigrants are being exploited. They don’t care that millions have been waiting to get here legally. What matters is the future democratic voting machine so they can install their statist one-party system.

What Conservatives want is a two-party system, limited government, and adherence to our Constitution.

Wilkinson’s article is one of Bloomberg’s most popular articles right now which means many are reading it and believing it.

He says, “legalization of undocumented immigrants, many conservatives figure it can only be bad for them and their vision of the good life.”

So now, Conservatives want the good life all to themselves. Not being collectivists and pushing for individual freedom means Conservatives don’t want to share the wealth. The truth is that Conservatives fear sharing the poverty not the wealth. Conservatives also believe in earned success not success meted out by an all-powerful government that favors their crony friends.

In conclusion, the Democratic, Progressive strategist Wilkinson says this: “From outside the conservative bubble, the Republicans’ Caucasian march into a multiracial century looks like political malpractice — terminal short-sightedness or possibly the onset of madness. But resistance is deeply rooted in conservatism. It’s clear from House Speaker John Boehner’s repeated efforts to bring up immigration reform that he desperately wants to clear the party’s path to the future. Trouble is, that future is the stuff of conservative nightmares.”

So you see, Conservatives are delusional and bigots, Republicans are short-sighted or insane, and it is this progressive who wants to help us out and help us win elections by telling us to legalize not 11 million people, but tens of millions of people while the border remains open; and we can play this out all over again in five years.

He’s “nudging” Republicans, advising them so they can win in 2016. Republicans need to take advice from this Democratic/Progressive strategist if they hope to win another presidential election.

Hopefully, Republicans are reading between the lines.

If we don’t get the borders closed, we shouldn’t pass immigration reform no matter how much helpful Progressives tell us we must.

We must demand some measure of assimilation and understanding of our values. Future citizens must know English before becoming Americans. Right now, we are letting foreigners vote in New York City and all our polling signs and voting information are in two or three languages. That’s ridiculous.

The tripe in this editorial is nothing but Progressive propaganda with “facts”, polls, and quotes thrown in to make it all so believable. Unfortunately, people do believe it.

Hispanics are our people We want to embrace them but the far-left has the media, they have the free gifts, they have the lure of the familiar – statist ideology. Hispanics should be Republicans and Conservatives but Republicans can’t get to them, Republicans can’t get past the Democratic roadblocks and still call themselves Republicans.