Blumenthal’s 18 Amendments to Immigration Bill



photo of Senator Richard Blumenthal, faux Vietnam Vet

Blumenthal is a good reason the immigration bill needs to die on the vine. He wants to amend it until there is nothing left of the original bill. He has added 18 amendments and I doubt he is done.

The bill will have many more amendments until everyone and anyone, including the Tsarnaev-types, can get citizenship quickly and cheaply.

He proposed 18 amendments. One is to give “little dreamers” an accelerated path to citizenship. That would be okay if there were going to be careful reviews of each case but there won’t be, especially under an accelerated process.

We already have an accelerated path for migrant workers, ski instructors, and who knows who else. So much for the long pathway to citizenship.

Blumenthal wants to micromanage law enforcement by limiting solitary confinement in detention centers.

He wants people here illegally as of April of this year to be given access to citizenship. We know that the rush over the border tripled once the immigration bill was announced. All those people would be given the path to citizenship.

Blumenthal wants more due process and workplace rights for people here illegally. One can never have enough rights for people who have broken the law to get here.

Blumenthal also wants the AG to have great discretion over how money is doled out for the prosecution of immigration-related cases, putting even more power in the hands of big government, taking it away from local law enforcement. No room for corruption there!

Source: Greenwich Time