Bob Costas, Another Jerk With a Soapbox Trippin’ on PC


costas on his soapbox
Sanctimonious Bob Costas should consider sticking to sportscasting and forget about issuing moral edicts about sports team names because he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

He recently said on NBC, and later doubled down in the LA Times, that while the owner of the Washington Redskins is not bigoted and most Indians do not have a problem with the name Redskins, the team name is a slur and has to be changed. Meanwhile, an Annenberg survey of Indian tribes found that 90% of Indians were not offended by the name Washington Redskins.

Shall we now subscribe to the idea that if even one person is offended, we must give up our free speech?

Redskins is not an insult or a slur, no matter how much Bob Costas tries to make it into one during his self-righteous PC moments.

If that is a slur, then the Fighting Irish had better change their name because that is a slur. Being of part Irish descent, I’m insulted. It references the days when the Irish were tearing up bars, drinking and fighting. That name needs to be changed and I’m going to get the Hibernians after them and him (sarcasm here).

Why doesn’t Bob Costas get on that name?  Oh, wait, I know why he doesn’t, because NBC, his station, makes big bucks airing the Fighting Irish games.

Costas said other teams have changed their names and indeed they have. The changes were not for a good reason and the teams are the lesser for it.

Costas mentioned one of my alma maters – St. John’s University – as a school that changed its name. They changed it from the Redmen to the Red Storm in a timorous response to the rants of the PC crowd who found it offensive to people they know nothing about. What is a Red Storm anyway? How do you get behind a Red Storm? When we rooted for the Redmen, we were proud and enthusiastic. It was a great name. Red Storm is just plain bad.

In the case of St. John’s U, the name merely describes the color of skin of a great race of people and it is a compliment. Losing the Indian names of teams takes away from the praise these names are meant to convey.

Another of my alma maters is Hofstra. They went from the Flying Dutchmen to the The Pride. How do you get behind The Pride?

In the case of Hofstra, the negative connotation is 150 years old. Few today even know what the connotation is and it has nothing to do with the team. For this, they have to run around with a name like The Pride?

Team names and the team heritage behind them are what is important. Free speech is important. People who run around deciding what is PC and can be used in public and what cannot be are depriving us of our free speech.

Listen to the preachy, know-it-all Costas:

Listen to part Native-American Dana Loesch clean Progressive Richard Faller’s clock on the issue:

I don’t want Bob Costas telling my what my values have to be and what I’m allowed to say. What say you?