Bomb Suspect #1 Dead, Manhunt for Suspect #2, MIT Officer Dead-Update



Suspect #1 is on the run, Suspect #2 is dead, possibly fro the explosion of a suicide vest.
Suspect #1 on the right is dead possibly of a blast from a suicide vest, Suspect #2 in the white hat is on the run. They are brothers from Chechnya. Chechnya is a Muslim Republic.

Update: 06:57: The suspects are brothers and they were first spotted within a quarter mile of the bombings.  Suspect #2 in the white hat, who is still on the loose, is Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19.  The name is listed among the recipients of Cambridge scholarships in 2011 for the prestigious Cambridge Ridge and Latin school. It is part of Cambridge public schools. He took courses at MIT.

His brother, suspect #2, was 26 years old and he was apprehended and then killed.

They are part of a network.

One of the brothers has a Massachusetts driver’s license.

The Tsarnaev brothers lived in Turkey before moving here two years ago at least. The man is said to be from Russia’s south, not far from the Chechen Republic.. They were residents of Cambridge for more than a year.

Ccechnya is a Muslim breakaway Republic.

There are two men with backpacks handcuffed near the scene, not including the suspect. Another man was handcuffed earlier.

The police are back in Cambridge, believing the suspect might be there. The situation is fluid and very dangerous. Residents are hold up in homes. A large scene of at least a mile is secured.

The man who was hijacked was pushed out of the car and did not escape as earlier reported. This was a huge break for the police.

The suspects planned another bombing event. They had other pressure cooker bombs.

Another man has been apprehended according to earlier reports. At least three men were seen handcuffed in video shot by Fox News.

The brothers were engaged in a high speed chase and threw high grade military explosives out the window. One MIT officer was murdered sitting in his car and another wounded critically in the shootout.

Original Story 04:30: What we do know now is suspect #1 is dead and  suspect #2 is on the loose on foot, allegedly heading for the scene of the original bombing. Suspect #1 had multiple gunshot wounds and blast wounds when he was apprehended. He later died at a Boston hospital. There might be a third man involved.

The suspects are terrorists who came here to kill people.

The terrorists came from overseas and had overseas training to kill.

At about 10:30, shooting began with a robbery at a convenience store at MIT; they might have planned to conduct another bombing since they had another pressure cooker bomb with them. An MIT campus officer who was called to the scene was found shot in his vehicle multiple times. He later died at a Boston hospital.

The two suspects were spotted again. The suspects carjacked a man in his car. The man was able to get away unharmed at a gas station. There was a high speed car chase in a black Mercedes in which explosives were throw out of the car. There were as many as 20 police cars in pursuit.

There was a shootout and a police officer was shot and critically wounded. Other officers were wounded. It was during this time that suspect #1 was apprehended. He later died of his wounds.

Witnesses in Watertown said they heard explosions. Police officers were screaming about improvised explosive devices or grenades.

The Boston Globe reports:

“A scene of chaos descended on Cambridge and Watertown late Thursday night and early Friday morning, as police confirmed an MIT police officer was shot and killed, and an armed carjacking led police on a frenetic chase into Watertown. Hundreds of police officers flooded Cambridge and Watertown.

A spokesman for the MBTA said that a transit officer had been shot, was in serious condition.” [Boston Globe]

The DA’s office said that explosive devices were thrown from the car by the suspects at police officers.

Witnesses in Watertown said they heard explosions. Police officers were screaming about improvised explosive devices.

04/18/2013 WATERTOWN, MA Police on scene after a reported shootout on Mt. Auburn Street (cq) in Cambridge. **Note: Please help identify these two officers** (Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe)

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