Bombing of Gaza UNRWA School Appears Staged by Hamas


Hamas, the United States and the U.N. on Sunday claimed that an Israeli mortar hit an UNWRA (UN) school, killing 10 people, including children. The criticism of Israel was brutal.

There is now evidence that the Israeli strike hit outside of the school and the bodies were moved into the courtyard to make it look like Israel hit the school. A child’s body was moved into the courtyard of the school for the Hamas photo.

The “victims” of the shelling were dragged into the courtyard from outside the school. The body of a child was brought to the courtyard. The child’s body was used later for another photo with a man running with her body.

staged photo

Don’t wait for Jen Psaki, Valerie Jarrett, and Barack Obama to apologize.


The video shows a scene that appears staged for the photo-op.