Bombshell News Surrounding the Boston Bombings



Natick Mass. police photo of Zubeida Tsarnaeva

Dzhorkhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev planned to go to Times Square with their six explosive devices after bombing Boston!

This information was released today at a press conference held by Mayor Bloomberg who received the warning from the FBI. This information came directly from Dzhorkhar according to NYC Police Commissioner, Ray Kelly.

The DOJ yesterday shut down the FBI interrogation of Dzhorkhar. A magistrate, a US attorney and a notable public defender came into the hospital during the interrogation and took over. This was in response to a rushed criminal complaint filed against Dzhorkhar by Eric Holder on Monday.

Eric Holder could have delayed this action but chose not to.

The FBI said no one told them this was about to occur.

Dzhorkhar has been silenced and our national security is compromised as a result.

Even if people believe the case had to be charged as a criminal complaint, the government had a public safety exception of at least 48 hours for the debriefing of Dzhorkhar which they should have used. Dzhorkhar was only debriefed for 16 hours.

The Tsarnaevs’ mother, Zubeida Tsarnaeva, knew that her son Tamerlan was radicalized in 2011 according to relatives. However, in a press conference in Russia today, she said that they were not radicalized and if they were, she would feel it as a mother.

Zubeida vaguely referenced her shoplifting arrest and claimed she didn’t know what she was being accused of.

She was allegedly caught stealing $1600 in items from Lord & Taylor last year. She bolted before her court appearance on those charges.

She said she saw a video of him on the Internet walking naked and put in a police car. I saw the video she is talking about and it was not her son. She is also blaming the US for the loss of her son.

People don’t need to hire a psychiatrist to figure out how the Tsarnaev brothers came to be. One only needs to listen to the mother.