Bongino Levels “Not That Bright” Jeff Flake, “Can’t Stand This Guy Anymore?


Jeff Flake gave a yet-to-be-aired interview to a mainstream media outlet this weekend comparing President Trump to Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin who murdered millions of his own people because Trump is calling out the biased media. Flake went on to say even Nikita Kruschev condemned calling news outlets the “enemy of the people”.

A smirking, self-satisfied Flake told the interviewer, “So, I don’t think we should be using a phrase that’s been rejected as too loaded by a Soviet dictator.”

Every day Flake supports the left-wing cause with absurd accusations like this. Dan Bongino spoke for many Republicans when he said, “I can’t stand this guy anymore.”

Bongino said his friends in Congress measure the conservative nature of a bill by Flake. If Flake supports it, they don’t. Flake’s not a conservative, he’s not evena a RINO. Bongino thinks Flake could be very effective if he went after far-left Democrats trying to take down the country as much as he goes after the President.

Even Bob Corker called the President to tell him he “gets it” about the media as he went on to explain how he was trashed over something he had nothing to do with – the Corker Amendment.

Don Bongino responded, questioning Flake’s intelligence and his motives, also asking what kind of dictator cuts regulations, returns some control over their healthcare to the people and cuts their taxes.

Bongino, a former police officer and Secret Service agent, said Flake’s “saying that Trump is somehow an authoritarian dictator like Stalin? Is this guy really not that bright? So Trump who is giving money back to people through tax cuts — certainly that’s a tyrant only if you’re an idiot. Drops the individual mandate where the government forced you to do something…Obamacare. You don’t have to do that anymore. Also dumps record amounts of red tape where the government makes you do things you don’t want to do. Does that sound like a tyrant? Only if you’re not that bright and you can’t get re-elected to your own senate seat in Arizona like Flake,” Bongino said.