Boomtown: 15 Trillion Dollars Spent on Poverty


Since LBJ declared war on poverty, 15 trillion dollars has been spent on the war on poverty.

Sean Hannity has been exploring the wealth of DC (Boomtown) and the $15 trillion spent or wasted on alleged poverty programs, with the Government Accountability Institute’s President Peter Schweitzer and Breitbart’s Stephen Kincannon.

That figure is slightly less than our national debt of $16 trillion plus. We should have cured poverty by now. We have nothing to show for it as Boomtowns in the past have.

In 1969, 2.8 million Americans were on food stamps, today over 47 million Americans are on food stamps. The program is awash with crony corporatism. The corrupt DC-corporate relationship is already here.

If Congress tries to ban unhealthy foods eligible to be paid for by SNAP, which is supposed to be a nutrition program, the lobbyists for junk food come out fighting.

After the Boom
After the Boom

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