Border Agent Testifies “Agents Who Repeatedly Report Groups Larger Than 20 Face Retribution”…video


Chris Cabrera

A border agent testified Tuesday that 60% of illegal crossings are successful, the border is not secure and agents are penalized for reporting groups of illegals larger than 20. The false narrative is that there is no problem with illegal crossings.

We don’t have a Southern border at the present time.

Border agent Chris Cabrera, Rio Grande Valley Sector, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, testified for the National Border Patrol Council before the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee Tuesday.

He said the border is not secure though supervisors will say it is. It is not true as the Chief has said that border patrol is “75 percent effective and the border is secure,” he added.

“I want to be crystal clear – the border is not secure,” later adding, “How can this enormous gap exist between what the DHS tells you here in Washington and what our Agents know to be the truth in the field? Frankly, it is how you manipulate the statistics.”

Testimony from Cabrera and others revealed that only 40% of illegal crossings are stopped, 60% make it through.  Drug dealers are more successful because they know how to navigate the system.

“Ask any line Agent in the field and he or she will tell you that at best we apprehend 35-40% of the illegal immigrants attempting to cross. This number is even lower for drug smugglers who are much more adept at eluding capture,” said Cabrera.

Agents “face retribution” from their superiors, Cabrera said, for reporting illegal alien groups larger than 20.

“Agents who repeatedly report groups larger than 20 face retribution. Management will either take them out of the field and assign them to processing detainees at the station or assign them to a fixed position in low volume areas as punishment,” Cabrera told lawmakers. “Needless to say Agents got the message and now stay below this 20 person threshold no matter the actual size of the group.”