Border Agents Ordered to Violate Law, Leave 40 Miles of Border Owned by Cartels Unprotected


Havre Sector Border Patrol has six stations and a manager just ordered agents to leave 40 of the 60 linear miles unprotected even though these are areas are regularly exploited by cartels.

These leftists care nothing about the safety of Americans as long as they win.

Agents believe the Obama management left in place are responsible for these orders.

The agents told Breitbart Texas that there are two reasons for these orders. Some are the left-over Obama-era policies and they believe widespread corruption exists within the Havre Sector’s upper-management.

That should concern people since people paying these people off are cartels.

One agent who was present when the order was given told the news outlet that “Criminal cartels exploit our weaknesses on a daily basis and they’re certainly going to exploit such a large area of open and unpatrolled border.”

Another agent said, “From a border security standpoint, this directive makes no sense, but there has to be a reason so I don’t think it’s a far stretch to conclude it’s due to corruption.”

A third agent among several who spoke with Breitbart added, “This order has to be coming from the Sector Chief And Deputy Chief Patrol Agents. They, along with the station’s Patrol Agent in Charge need to be immediately reassigned until a full and thorough investigation can be done in this order.”

The President of the National Border Patrol Counci,l Brandon Judd, confirmed this report is accurate and he was appalled.

However when managers investigate other manager, they will not find cause, the agents said.

The managers sit behind a desk giving these orders and won’t listen to any of the agents, according to the men.

Agents who spoke with Breitbart Texas said they told the agent issuing the order they believed it was “illegal and a dereliction of duty”.

A Council agent copied the order down verbatim and the manager agreed it was what he said.

DHS Secretary John Kelly needs to act!



  1. If Trump is serious about the border, he will take action on this – quickly. I see very little action from Trump.

  2. I said back in 2008 that Obama would cause so much damage to the USA that it would be felt long after he is gone.

    I felt that the Obama presidency would be one of two things; either the point from which the USA starts to desintegrate into a third world nation or the point where it wakes up and starts fighting those who want to destroy it.

    There are powers outside the USA that have infiltrated the democrat party and are using it to destroy the USA . ( actually they are trying to destroy every developped ” white” nation )

    There are some very powerful people who are waging war on Western Civilization, most people are not aware of this because the main stream media is paid to always agree with the liberal left and always bash the conservative right.

    It is not global warming or nuclear war that will destroy Western Civilization, it is the liberal left and their handlers.

    Trump gives me hope, but how much can one man do…and will he do it?

    • I think our path to Third World status is already written. If you could see some of the people we’ve taken in, if the majority of Americans saw what’s coming in, they would realize, it will be generations – if ever – before they will have a clue.

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