Border Patrol Whistleblower Threatened


The third plane landed in San Diego Monday. Border Patrol agents greeted the plane with gloves because of the diseases the illegals are coming in with.  These are the people we are releasing into our communities. To make matters worse, agents are being pulled from their duties to take care of the invaders.

Our government isn’t happy that the public is being told the truth.

On Sunday, Border Patrol agent Ron Zermeno told 10News that Border Patrol had placed him under a gag order.

“As long as they send the bodies up there (Murrieta) to be processed, there will be no agents patrolling, and that’s what the agency doesn’t want me to say,” Zermeno said.

“Agents are tired, I know agents are being pulled from different areas to help processing,” said Gabe Pacheco Monday, a BP spokesman.

Kathleen Scudder, assistant chief patrol agent of the San Diego Sector, sent the letter to agent Ron Zermeno, health and safety director of National Border Patrol Council Local 1613, notifying him of an investigation into his conduct and to “remind” him that no agent should make statements or issue press releases “without proper authorization.”

That’s our transparent administration.

Ron Zemeno

Ron Zemeno

Zemeno believes it is retaliation for being a whistleblower. He exposed the public-health risks associated with illegals in the San Diego sector.

“As a union officer, I feel it’s my job to expose when management is putting people at risk,” he says. “They violated their oath as Border Patrol agents.”

One agent has came down with scabies and another has tested positive for TB.