Boston Bombing Could Have Been Prevented



photo of Boston bombing suspect and murdered child, bomb can be seen in the photo

The Department of Homeland Security was formed after 9/11 to prevent communication problems among agencies. The police, CIA and FBI did not communicate effectively prior to 9/11/01.

The same communication problem still exists.

The FBI did not share information about Tsarnaev in 2011 when Russian intelligence warned them that Tamerlan might have been radicalized. The FBI never told the Boston police. The CIA was also warned and they too shared with no one.

Police are able to do a more thorough job than a larger agency in many cases because they are investigating on a local level.

Edward Davis, Chief of Police in Boston, said he knew nothing about Tamerlan. His detective assigned to the joint terrorism task force was not told about Tamerlan.

We also know that after the bombing, no one picked up the connection to Tamerlan.

The FBI, CIA and DHS are led by political appointees and who knows how that affected the way they performed their job in this situation. The first thing Napolitano said after the attack was that it looked like the work of a lone wolf. It doesn’t instill confidence in her or her department when she jumps to preconceived notions instead of investigating.

In the end, the bombing could have been avoided. We had the information and did nothing.