Boston Bombing: Perceived Suspects – Yet Another Update to the Update




Update: 4/12:13: Until now there is no evidence that the story from Steve Emerson is accurate. More officials have come out to say they are two different men and the one being deported on Tuesday is in no way related to the Boston bombings.

Update: 4/18/13: 21:45: Steve Emerson has doubled down on the Saudi national. He said Janet Napolitano lied (wow, really?) and the Saudi national being deported is the man who was interrogated by police about the Boston bombings – Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi. He said the man is well-connected and the information will be made available tomorrow.

Investors posted an interesting sequence of events.

I don’t know what the truth is. We will have to wait until tomorrow.

Update: 4/18/13: 17:00: One, possibly two suspects have been identified. The young man in the white cap might have placed one of the bombs is the only one the FBI believes could be a suspect. The other identified man appears to be walking with him but that is uncertain.

The FBI warned that these photos are the only ones people should be looking at.

The FBI reports that a significant social media footprint was left behind.

The Saudi man who was detained and cleared is NOT being deported. A Saudi man is being deported on Tuesday but he has no connection to the man interviewed.

Wednesday’s press conference:

Original Story: The Saudi national, who had been arrested and interviewed about the Boston bombings and who has since been cleared, is allegedly going to be deported on Tuesday on national security grounds.

This information was discussed on Hannity on Wednesday. The information is from one source and has not been vetted.

There are photos going around the Internet of men with backpacks that 4ChanThinkTank and Reddit social media detectives have uncovered. The ib Times has some of the photos with explanations. Posting photos on the Internet of possible suspects because they have backpacks could be construed as Internet vigilantism so everyone needs to be careful in how they view these photos.

No one should jump to conclusions because most things are not as they seem upon careful consideration. The men depicted could be athletes carrying equipment, students carrying books, revelers carrying water bottles and food, there are any number of explanations. They all look like ordinary college students and athletes to me.

In no way is IS saying these people are anything but innocent bystanders at this point.

The FBI and police chose not to show the photos they are disseminating to law enforcement. That could be due to the fact that the media, including the AP and Reuters, reported misinformation today about suspects being under arrest. Law enforcement might not feel very secure about releasing photos of people who are of interest but not suspects at this time.

Tragically, heartbreakingly, one of the photos posted by 4Chan Think Tank has a picture of the little boy who was killed. It makes one sick to think of this child and all the people who have suffered so greatly because of this terror attack.

The description of two of the men police are looking for fits the description of two of the men in a few of these photos, though that doesn’t mean they are the same photos. The police and FBI photos come from a Lord & Taylor camera and shots from an unnamed TV station, not from 4Chan Think Tank or reddit.

I posted this one because the man’s face is unrecognizable. The man might be resting and seeking warmth. He was selected by the techie detectives because he has a heavy backpack, which is not unusual at a day-long sporting event. Many people at the event had backpacks. Some of the other photos are more compelling and are in the area of one of the explosions where little Martin Richard died.