Boston Marathon Suspect Possibly Identified


marathon bomb

Update: There is a lot of activity around the federal courthouse now. There was an alleged scare which has turned out to be a prank.

The fortune tellers in the media are reporting the following information.

A suspect is being identified in the Boston Marathon bombing. The man might have been identified from two video images, one taken from Lord & Taylor department store and another from a Boston TV station.

Three law enforcement sources are now telling Fox News that an arrest has not been made.

The Boston police just tweeted that there has not been an arrest in the Boston attacks. They did not say they did not identify anyone or that they are not questioning anyone.


In the Lord & Taylor video, the young dark-skinned man can be seen dropping what appears to be the bag at the second bombing in front of the Forum restaurant.

WCBV reports that once an arrest is made, he will be brought to the federal courthouse.

The lid from one bomb has been found on the roof of a building. Cell towers are being checked.

Click here for the images going around the Internet.  Other images can be found here.  These people could simply be college students enjoying the event.

This isn’t a humorous situation but this tweet did break up the horror: