Boycott Everyone Who Doesn’t Agree With Far Left Zealotry


The Communists who speak through that totalitarian-loving magazine, The Nation, have a new boycott for you leftists out there.

Just as an aside, a boycott, in the name of stifling the Bill of Rights, is totalitarianism; make no mistake about that.

Getting back to the point, The Nation publishers are unhappy with AT&T because they apparently donated money to Rick Perry.

So what? Unions have bought my former Party (Democratic of course). AT&T likely gave money because Perry is business-friendly and knows how to create jobs. Last I heard, anyone can donate to anyone in a free country.

What’s funnier still is the company they want you to use instead – CREDO. I mapped the area they cover near my home and if I stay on the main roads, I’m sort of okay. If you are a far left zealot who values ideology over being able to make a phone call, this is the company for you. They are the only Progressive mobile phone company and they give you all the far left news to boot.

The Nation dingbats sent an email out to their Readers, of which I am one, stating the following:

“Dear Nation Reader,

Do you really want to patronize a phone company that gives money to Rick Perry? If not, then consider dropping AT&T and signing up with CREDO mobile, the only phone company that supports your progressive values.


Peter Rothberg

Associate Publisher, The Nation

They then go onto a bizarre rant about Perry being friends with neo-confederates (that’s hysterical), preachers who think the Holocaust was the fault of Jews, and other far right crazies.

Have you ever even heard of CREDO?

I guess Mr. Rothberg doesn’t care if he uses facts or not. He also doesn’t seem to care that Obama’s friends actually do include anti-white/anti-Jewish preachers and communist revolutionaries who blew up buildings. Nor does he care that Obama appeases Communist & Muslim dictators.

I suppose CREDO’s laughingly inadequate service is a good thing. Who the hay wants these readers communicating better?


*Progressive as it is now being defined falls somewhere between communism and socialism