Brainwashing In College – Tunnels of Oppression


The following accounts of freshman college orientations reported in the NY Post are worth taking a look at if you are sending your child off to college. You might want to be sure they have some context before they are convinced they are wallowing in superiority because of their color or are obliged to reveal their sexual orientation to complete strangers or, worse yet, they are somehow responsible for oppression and rapes.

From the NY Post: Parents sending children off to college for the first time, beware: Their “freshman orientation” is all too likely to include being herded through a “tunnel of oppression” to learn about the evils of “white privilege,” being lectured about how they’re part of a “rape culture” or being forced to discuss their sexual identities with complete strangers — before they even meet their first professor. That’s right: For all we hear about faculty ideological or political bias, campus administrators are often worse when it comes to brainwashing students (click to read more)

Just a decade ago, teachers and administrators did not force their own political beliefs on others. Educators are supposed to provide an atmosphere that encourages learning, not one that forces their opinions on the students or separates students based on characteristics, race, and sexual persuasion. Herein lies the problem with these orientations, which include  “tunnels of oppression,” it’s possibly brainwashing students into believing they are responsible for things they have nothing to do with.

The following is a quick video about the tunnel of oppression in one of many colleges in which it is part of the school orientation –