Brainwashing Our Children – Eradicating the Pledge of Allegiance


One of the prerequisites for the rise of fascism in the United States is to eliminate our allegiance to our country, certainly, preventing the children from reciting a pledge is a good beginning.

The origins of our pledge were socialist, however, the pledge no longer represents socialism, it represents loyalty to our sovereign nation.

The latest complaints against the pledge are not against its origin, but against its current meaning, which has nothing to do with its origins.

Fox reports that one Massachusetts school wants to ban the Pledge of Allegiance because it has no educational value. Martin Rosenthal, the co-chair of Brookline Political Action for Peace, or Brookline Pax, told the paper the pledge puts “kids in an uncomfortable situation” and doesn’t belong in schools. He said the pressure it places on the children makes his “skin crawl.”

One Air Force veteran is angry that his daughter will recite the pledge. “It pains me to think that at a school that emphasizes thinking globally we would institute something that makes our children think that this country alone is where their allegiance lies,” said Sides. “This has no educational value for young children. Absolutely none.”

Patriotism, enforced by the Pledge, only becomes problematic when it evolves into some form of fascism, but without loyalty and pride in our nation, it will be more open to the forces of the global revolution which now seeks to obliterate the idea of free, individual countries and substitute each with a one world philosophy under a totalitarian government. This is a government which the UN would like to preside over, controlling the purse strings and all power.

The flag and the Pledge stand in the way of these goals.

As if eliminating the Pledge from schools isn’t enough, we now have misguided Joe Biden spreading his propaganda by exploiting children. He recently visited a 4th grade classroom and took his anti-rich, anti-Republican propaganda with him.