Breaking…Dangerous Senator Launches a Talking Filibuster for Universal Background Checks Plus



Sen. Chris Murphy, a far-left, anti-Second Amendment Democrat from Connecticut with a very low approval rating, is currently filibustering for tighter gun control. It’s no longer about terrorists and 50 dead people plus 53 wounded. It’s about guns.

It’s not just him, Cory Booker and other Democrats are joining in.

Murphy, who has no regard for the Constitution or the Second Amendment, has launched a talking filibuster on the Senate floor to force an agreement on legislation to deny suspected terrorists from purchasing firearms and requiring universal background checks, Politico reported.

The Senate is debating a spending bill that Democrats hope to offer gun amendments to, but Murphy said that the Senate should “not proceed with debate on amendments to this bill until we have figured out a way to come together on, at the very least, two simple ideas.”

These two simple ideas end due process in the case of the list and give the government an avenue to confiscate guns in the other.

Neither would do a thing about terrorism. It certainly wouldn’t have stopped Orlando. The terrorist was taken off by the FBI even though they had plenty of warnings. Their list is going to determine who loses their constitutional rights? It’s absurd and it’s merely a distraction.

The GOP RINOs are undermining Trump and joining in so they can pretend they supported the peoples’ choice until he made these errors [that weren’t errors].

They’re a bunch of weasels.

Just to give you an idea of what a sleaze this guy is, in 2013, Breitbart Sports posted this, “Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) accused NASCAR of siding against the families of Newtown, Connecticut by allowing the National Rifle Association (NRA) to sponsor a NASCAR race at the Texas Motor Speedway in April. The race will be called the NRA 500″.

He will say and do anything to take our rights away.

He doesn’t even think Sanders is tough enough on gun control. Read about that here.

It doesn’t end there. RINOs Corker and Toomey are working on a compromise bill with Franken and Bloomberg. Are you kidding me? Weasels!