Breaking…Julian Assange Slips, Gives an Important Clue on Who Hacked/Leaked


Julian Assange gave a nearly half-hour interview to Sean Hannity and of course he said it wasn’t Russia who hacked/leaked the Clinton and DNC emails. He also said it wasn’t a state party. Then he gave an important clue, almost as if it was a slip — a political enemy on the inside leaked it.

Sean Hannity asked Assange about Craig Murray’s interview but he wouldn’t comment on it except to say his friend Murray was not authorized to speak on Wikileaks behalf.

He only had three pages on the RNC and nothing on Trump, he said. There wasn’t anything to publish.

Then the slip came. Towards the end of the interview, at about 25:04 on the mark, Sean asked Assange if he’d publish information [that is of political and historical importance] about Donald Trump.

Assange responded, “Absolutely…and if Donald Trump makes a lot of enemies on the inside in his time in office, then he could well face the same thing, in four years time.”

Hannity said “That is the best indication that this did not come from the Russians. I don’t think you meant to say that.”

It was a political enemy on the inside who leaked the information.