Breaking News: If the Polls Are Right, Get Used to Saying President Bernie



Breaking News! There is yet another breaking poll out that has Bernie Sanders beating everyone to become president of the United States. It’s hard to know how Bernie gets past Hillary’s firewall of Superdelegates. Each Superdelegate equals 60,000 voters.

Bernie Sanders beats all the Republican candidates but the Republicans all beat Hillary. How do they beat Hillary but Bernie beats them? They won’t vote for Hillary but they will all swing to the radical socialist if he’s the candidate?

John Kasich is the most likely to beat Hillary but he’s ranking somewhere near the bottom among primary voters so how is he going to beat Hillary? Democrats are going to vote for him, is that it?

Quinnipiac is about average so we will use their latest poll results. This poll has a margin of error of 2.7 points.

A Qunnipiac poll has Sanders beating Cruz by 10 points, Rubio and Trump by 6 points, Kasich by 4 points, Bush by 10 points.  The same poll has Trump beating Clinton by 1 point, Cruz beating Clinton by 3 percentage points, Rubio beats Clinton by 7 points, Kasich wins by 8 and Bush beats Clinton by 1 percentage point.

If former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg joins the race as a third-party candidate facing Sanders, Trump, or Cruz, he’d hurt Sanders more than the GOP challengers.

Cruz has the backing of 28% of Republican voters nationwide, unseating Trump, who won the support of 26% in the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. For the first time, Cruz takes the lead in what might be an outlier poll because the new Fox poll has Trump winning the nomination by 17 points as do most other polls.

All the polls seem like outliers.

Rubio hasn’t won a primary, remains at third, but is currently touted as the strongest candidate on the GOP side by many media sources.

A poll of youth has them trying to decide between radical socialist Bernie Sanders and self-described conservative Donald Trump. That makes sense to no one.

A new Fox national poll, the latest national poll, has Sanders beating Clinton by 3 percentage points.

The pollsters must be polling Watters’ World people.

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