Breaking Report: Colt 1911s To Be Banned in California


If it looks like a gun, it’s scary and California will ban it. If not now, soon. In May, tried to decipher the California DOJ’s endless list of banned rifles, shotguns and pistols that have been labeled “assault weapons”. We are now finding out that almost every Colt 1911 will be banned in California.

The breaking news today is that there will be no more Colt 1911s in California.

Firearms dealers in California are being told by Colt that many of their pistols are going to fall off the roster of “approved” handguns for sale in the state within the next 60 days due to a change in manufacturing.

Only the Colt Commander model #04691 is thought to remain on the “approved” roster, Bearing Arms reported Monday.

It should be mentioned that Colt Defense is in bankruptcy.

This has to be verified but this is what arms dealers are reporting.


Click on the link review the list of guns being banned. Especially look at the manufacturers hardest hit and one thing becomes exceedingly clear – through a process of gradualism, they are attempting to disarm Americans.

Look who is being hit.


Over two-thirds of the firearms registered in California as assault weapons come from 25 makers with domestic modern sporting rifle makers garnering the top spots among a host of household names. Read more at

Check out one of the banned “assault weapons” – the Springfield Armory SAR48.


This one is really “scary” – it has a scope and it’s an AK (sarcasm here).


There is no functional difference between grandpa’s semi-automatic rifle and a modern sporting firearm like an AR-15. Assault weapon laws are intended to disarm Americans. It makes instant felons out of law-abiding gun owners.

The statists are trying to disarm us and this is tyranny.


  1. “They” incrementally pass “little changes” in laws to eliminate projectile dispensing mechanisms. “We” the voter, seemingly do “nothing” to slap their hand away from our gun. Where is the equilibrium? Is their money more persuasive than ours? What is it that the gun owners don’t get.What political force will it take to win what is already ours? What must the gun owner do aside from nothing but whine about lost freedom of possession? Confused and ignorant regards keeping my mechanism. Bj

    • government does not give you rights, they simply take them away. keep saluting that flag of oppression

  2. If you ask around MOST of the police “cops” like the idea of the “good” citizens owning and knowing how to use guns and those who know enough that think they need home protection have either a 1911 usually Colt or a shotgun close at hand.

    Years ago when most of us were very young just exactly how did it start in so many countries in Europe?

  3. With the recent sweep of new Kalifornia anti-gun laws, its becoming more and more scary. Apparently we have millions of gun owners in Kali, but not enough of them are willing to even sign a petition to try and over turn gunmageddon. We think its bad now? Just wait until that Nazi Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom becomes Governor, and he will. Im stocking up, buying firearms and getting what ever 1911 I can. Good luck everyone!

  4. They will have to take a crane to un bolt my safe from the concrete slab it’s anchored to in order to take my guns

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