Brexit Is Done, What Happens Now Is Terrifying People


Obama caused all this by pulling out of Iraq and leaving them to flounder. “That’s not who we are,” he keeps telling us. He then had the gall to tell the British they had to stay in the EU or they’d go to the end of the line on trade.

Who does he think he is?

According to Fox News this evening, the two biggest questions googled in the UK after the Brexit vote were, What happens now that we’ve left the EU and What is the EU? The UK might have their Watters World people there too. Watters is a correspondent for the O’Reilly show who interviews people about major issues of the day and basically exposes the lack of knowledge of the common American.

At first that concerned me and then I realized I was letting the corrupt media manipulate my opinion. How do I know that was even true or if the questions were simply to get more information?

The EU, what was once a promising experiment of a united Europe eroded into a globalist nightmare controlled politically by regulators buried in offices in Brussels, a fairy land of unelected bureaucrats removed from the people.

If the UK did nothing, they were facing the loss of sovereignty and the continued invasion turning them into a Muslim country. They have little control over their politics. The EU was never meant to be political, it was meant to be economic.

Steve Forbes has another take:

THE BREXIT VOTE is a disaster, political and economically. After the initial shock wears off there will be happy talk that maybe it won’t all be so bad.

Don’t believe it.

The vote will intensify the centrifugal forces tearing apart the EU. The whole thrust of post-WWII diplomacy has been to bring the European nations together in order to avoid the disasters that plagued Europe and the world during the first half of the 20th century. The EU has made a series of major mistakes, in particular creating a massive, corrupt bureaucracy that has spewed out an avalanche of petty regulations (what the shape of a banana should be).

For all its flaws, however, the EU played a critical role in enabling the former dictatorships of Spain and Portugal to make the transition to the liberal democracies they are today. It also did the same for the ex-communist countries of central and eastern Europe. These countries made major reforms that went against powerful domestic interests in order to win membership in the EU.

No wonder Vladimir Putin hates the EU and was horrified that Ukraine wanted in. He wants Russia to dominate Europe, and the unraveling of the EU plays right into his malignant hands.

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Putin is engaging military exercises in the area of The Baltics. He’s serious, no doubt about it. We need a strong NATO but Obama has weakened it over the last seven years. He could move to take advantage of this upheaval. If he invades, those countries have no recourse except- God help us – Obama.

Do you know the other nations only pay 4% of their own defense – we pay the rest?

The alternative for the UK wasn’t great. Staying in it meant they will continue to lose their sovereignty.

A lot of other countries want out. France – Frexit – led by Marine le Pen; Nexit – The Netherlands – with leaders like Geert Wilders; Grexit – the Greeks; Lexit – Mateo Salvini – Italy; Dexit – Denmark thinks a referendum is a good idea; Auxit – 40% of the Austrians want their own referendum and 38%want out of the EU;

The EU favorability ratings:


Scotland and Northern Ireland are talking about leaving the UK which would leave Britain and Wales. Scotland has been nearly evenly divided about leaving for some time and recently held a referendum.

Brussels and Germany have led this invasion by unvetted foreigners and demanded all of Europe follow their lead, giving them no freedom to make the normal decisions sovereign nations are usually allowed to make. For all the love they’ve spread to the migrants, they are now under attack by them more than any of the nations.

If the UK waited, it would have gotten worse. Maybe this will be the right move. At least they struck a vote for freedom. Dana Perino, former Bush press secretary and Fox news anchor, is married to a British man who became a citizen in 2006. He reluctantly supported Brexit because of the insufferable controls Brussels has placed on their country, robbing them of their sovereignty. He cited the example of the case of a terrorist being deported who Britain couldn’t deport because his girlfriend lived in Britain – Brussels made the decision.

Other talking heads keep saying we could head for recession. We’ve basically been in a recession for the last eight years.

Who are these people to criticize the British who have been living under these Brussels dictators. Everyone is stupid but them?

Good for Britain!

This is what is being tweeted: