Brian Cashman Is Now a Wounded Warrior

Brian Cashman
Brian Cashman

Brian Cashman, the Yankee GM, likes to perform a lot of unusual stunts to raise awareness for various charities. He has been criticized by some as an attention grabber.

Brian Cashman doesn’t have to do any of the things he does for charity. He can get the attention no matter what – he’s the Yankees GM!  I take him at face value and think he’s impressive.

Last year, he rappelled down a 22-story building with Bobby Valentine, former manager of the METS as part of a Heights and Lights festival. In 2011, he slept in Times Square for a night to bring attention to Covenant House.

Also in 2011 – he saw photos of a tiny Vermont town, which had been devastated by Hurricane Irene, and arranged for a night of baseball conversation  featuring Vermont native and ESPN baseball analyst Buster Olney to raise funds for the battered farms in the area.  The evening netted a very nice sum to help people who desperately needed it.

This year he decided to skydive to garner attention for the Wounded Warriors Project. His first tandem dive was successful and he decided to do another. The second dive wasn’t as successful. He had a hard landing, breaking his right fibula and dislocating his right ankle. He had surgery on Monday.

Prior to his surgery, he said:

“I’m in great spirits, and it was an awesome experience,” Cashman said from the hospital. “The Golden Knights are first class. While I certainly didn’t intend to raise awareness in exactly this fashion, I’m extremely happy that the Wounded Warrior Project is getting the well-deserved additional attention.”

In his own way, he’s a wounded warrior himself.

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