Dump the Government Motors Superbowl Commercials


I hope you enjoy the five new GM commercials at a cost of $3.5 million for every 30 seconds they are aired during the Superbowl, because it’s your money that is paying for them. 

Last year we paid about $15 million and the commericials included the Volt, which suffers from spontaneous combustion problems and has a heater that barely heats because it would drain the battery. It gets 33 miles on an electric charge in nice weather and then averages 30 mg after that. Big whoopee doo.

The Volt costs $42,000 and it has the body of a $12,000 car. We, the taxpayers subsidize this thing at every stage of development right through the sale. Sales by the way accounted for only 6000 of them being sold. Well Worth millions in ads with your money, don’t you think? It is your money, make no mistake about that.

GM received our taxpayer money to the tune of $50 billion and did not pay it back though they try to claim they did (it was a shell game). The government has not sold the stock that we paid $55 a share for even though it is worth $19 a share.

Remember how the government made up their own laws and paid off the Obama-supporting unions before investors (many of the investors were seniors – pensioners)? How could you not want to throw more money at GM so they can waste it on expensive ads?

The ads this year will include 4 Chevys and 1 Cadillac and, to lure the public in more, they were invited to pick the best commercial to be used in the Superbowl.

Here’s one, do you like it?  It will cost you $3 million

Here’s another $3 million dollar possibility

And another

I’d rather they used the money to pay us back and skip the super expensive ads. Government Motors DOES NOT need to advertise during the Superbowl with our money!