Bring Jon Hammar Home Before He Is Murdered in the Zeta Controlled Prison

Jon Hammar, US Marine
Jon Hammar, US Marine

Update: 12:18: While the administration has given no sign that they are trying to secure Jon Hammar’s release, a group of Mexican businessmen are working on it. They feel it reflects badly on Mexico and will hurt business.

The parents have been given hope that he will be released. A decision will be made by Friday.

Jon Hammar’s mother received a letter with this photo of her son Jon Hammar chained to a soiled bed. The letter said he was chained because of his status as a US Marine.

He is in grave danger. We must not forget him and let this drop out of the news. He did nothing wrong. You can read my other stories about Jon Hammar if you google his name in the search and enter box. He truly is innocent.

Olivia Hammar is Jon’s mother:

via Fox News Insider

I have posted a petition and links to your Representatives and Senators. Please contact them. It does matter and we can make a difference. Please take the time. Our country must not leave this Marine behind. An online petition is gathering signatures to try and help bring Johnny Hammar home.

  • Click here for more information.
  • Email the White House or fax or call.
  • Scroll down this list to get the phone number of your representative in the House: and call your senators at the number listed here:
  • You should be able to contact the Mexican President  at 1-800-221-9567
  • or at his address,  RESIDENCIA OFICIAL DE LOS PINOS, COL. SAN MIGUEL CHAPULTEPEC, D.F. The website is undergoing construction due to the election of the new President  Enrique Peña Nieto but has further contact information.