Bringing People Back to Life



When do we die? There is mounds of evidence accumulating that the consciousness of a person lives on beyond clinical death.

There are many cases of people being brought back to life hours after death. Some drowning victims have been resuscitated four hours after death.

Many who have been brought back talk about having experienced going to heaven, hell, and traveling through a tunnel of white light and talking with long-dead friends and family. Many can describe details of their environment, what the nurses were wearing and what doctors were saying after they were dead. Their experiences are nearly identical across the board.

NY researchers are investigating the question and one says that when people say the person is clinically dead, they need to reconsider the terminology – they were dead, period. He believes that near-death experiences should be redefined as actual-death experiences.

These experiences according to one of the researchers, who has no religious goals in this, said these experiences have happened to people of all cultures, religions and even to atheists. He said there is no evidence to suggest it is caused by chemicals, hallucinations, or lack of oxygen.

Their reactions are inexplicable unless one wants to consider that consciousness lives on after the body dies.

If so, how long does it last? Are our brains capable of more than we know? Is this a case for neuro-science?

Full story at the NY Post for those interested in reading more about these experiences.

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