Broken-Down Jet Skier Moseyed Through “Airtight” JFK Security to Get Help


Daniel Casillo, 31, broke down on his jet ski in the dark of night on Jamaica Bay.

Dripping wet and in his bright yellow life vest, he scaled a perimeter fence which is guarded by the multi-million dollar PIDS system that allegedly detects intrusions.

He then walked across two runways, past employees, and into terminal 3.

It was when he went up to the agent in the terminal to ask for help that he was apprehended. He was charged with trespass which is completely bogus. How is this trespass? He was looking for help.

They need to drop those charges and give him a medal for showing them how easily the system can be breached.

They just wanted someone to blame for their incompetence. This security system is the same one used by other NY airports and Newark.

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