Bruce Jenner Is A Man And So Is Caitlyn Jenner


The response to Bruce Jenner’s gender change is taking us down a dangerous road according to some.

The media, Hollywood, Barack Obama are applauding people who change their gender, especially if they undergo surgery and take hormones to alter their chemistry. People who encourage others in this better have a PhD. in psychiatry before they blithely tell people they should do it, at least that’s the view of some mental health professionals and some transgenders.

It is not normal to cut off body parts or alter one’s chemistry with drugs no matter how much a person dislikes one’s gender. There is nothing normal about any of this and it should be undertaken very carefully. One can never really change one’s gender and it would be better for the transgender to get mental help with his/her gender dysphoria. That is according to the former chief of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

There is a website called Sex change Regret which is authored by a transgender named Walter Hyer who wrote, “Young or old, early in transition or years later, changing genders ends in regret, and often, in a total nightmare.”

“I’ve been reporting about the widespread regret for years while everyone in the media says regret is rare,” Mr. Hyer wrote. “The Belgrade Center for Genital Reconstructive Surgery says that they have received requests for reversal surgery,” he said.

He asks, “If sex change regret is so rare, why are so many requesting reversal surgery? If sex change regret is so rare, why are surgeons offering reversal surgery?”

An alarming 41% of transgender people commit suicide and for people to praise their decision to surgically alter their body when they are ill-equipped to give that advice borders on criminal.

The following quotes by Dr. Paul McHugh come from CNS News.

“Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, said that transgenderism is a “mental disorder” that merits treatment, that sex change is “biologically impossible,” and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder.

Dr. McHugh explained that transgender surgery is not the solution for people who suffer a “disorder of ‘assumption’” – the notion that their maleness or femaleness is different than what nature assigned to them biologically.”

While the Obama administration, Hollywood, and major media such as Time magazine promote transgenderism as normal, said Dr. McHugh, these “policy makers and the media are doing no favors either to the public or the transgendered by treating their confusions as a right in need of defending rather than as a mental disorder that deserves understanding, treatment and prevention.

“This intensely felt sense of being transgendered constitutes a mental disorder in two respects. The first is that the idea of sex misalignment is simply mistaken – it does not correspond with physical reality. The second is that it can lead to grim psychological outcomes.”

The transgendered person’s disorder, said Dr. McHugh, is in the person’s “assumption” that they are different than the physical reality of their body, their maleness or femaleness, as assigned by nature. It is a disorder similar to a “dangerously thin” person suffering anorexia who looks in the mirror and thinks they are “overweight,” said McHugh.

This assumption, that one’s gender is only in the mind regardless of anatomical reality, has led some transgendered people to push for social acceptance and affirmation of their own subjective “personal truth,” said Dr. McHugh. As a result, some states – California, New Jersey, and Massachusetts – have passed laws barring psychiatrists, “even with parental permission, from striving to restore natural gender feelings to a transgender minor,” he said.

The pro-transgender advocates do not want to know, said McHugh, that studies show between 70% and 80% of children who express transgender feelings “spontaneously lose those feelings” over time. Also, for those who had sexual reassignment surgery, most said they were “satisfied” with the operation “but their subsequent psycho-social adjustments were no better than those who didn’t have the surgery.”

“And so at Hopkins we stopped doing sex-reassignment surgery, since producing a ‘satisfied’ but still troubled patient seemed an inadequate reason for surgically amputating normal organs,” said Dr. McHugh.

The former Johns Hopkins chief of psychiatry also warned against enabling or encouraging certain subgroups of the transgendered, such as young people “susceptible to suggestion from ‘everything is normal’ sex education,” and the schools’ “diversity counselors” who, like “cult leaders,” may “encourage these young people to distance themselves from their families and offer advice on rebutting arguments against having transgender surgery.”

Dr. McHugh also reported that there are “misguided doctors” who, working with very young children who seem to imitate the opposite sex, will administer “puberty-delaying hormones to render later sex-change surgeries less onerous – even though the drugs stunt the children’s growth and risk causing sterility.”

Such action comes “close to child abuse,” said Dr. McHugh, given that close to 80% of those kids will “abandon their confusion and grow naturally into adult life if untreated ….”

“’Sex change’ is biologically impossible,” said McHugh. “People who undergo sex-reassignment surgery do not change from men to women or vice versa. Rather, they become feminized men or masculinized women. Claiming that this is civil-rights matter and encouraging surgical intervention is in reality to collaborate with and promote a mental disorder.”

Applauding Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner’s decision as somehow constituting an act of courage is dangerous and misguided at best.

This is all part of the political movement which has attached itself to the LGBT militancy. It’s the same movement that is attempting to have pedophilia taken out of the DSM psychiatric manual where its listed as criminal behavior. They want pedophilia labeled as an alternative lifestyle.

The LGBT militancy has opened up doors that should be open to gays but it has also gone down some dark alleys. It’s endangering transgenders, lifting up pornographers and pedophiles and altering American culture. It’s promoting Fascist attacks on people who support a traditional definition of marriage and it launches daily attacks on people of faith.

The people behind the movement are encouraging people like Bruce Jenner to alter his body chemistry and perhaps amputate his male organ. In the end, he is at risk emotionally but the cheering squad hardly cares about him. It’s about the agenda.

Bruce Jenner

In the end, Bruce Jenner, aside from the glamorous, air-brushed photo on Vanity Fair, is a man. He will always be a man.