Buckyballs Are Having Their Balls Busted by the Government


Buckyballs are cool, very cool. They are fun toys for stressed out ADULTS, not tweens, not teens, not babies – ADULTS. They are one of the most popular specialty toys for adults.

The owners built their company from a living room in NYC. It’s a true American success story and they are an American company.

Buckyballs are magnetic toys and you can make some things out of them if you’re creative. It’s kind of like doodling.

Out of millions sold, 12 tweens/teens were injured from swallowing them partly because of poor adult supervision. In the case of a few older kids, they tried to use them for tongue earrings and swallowed them.There are clear warnings that they are for ADULTS and they are not edible.

Buckyballs are magnetic and are not meant to be ingested. Once ingested, if more than one is ingested, they can link up and hurt your innards (wow, really? Who would have guessed that.)

Along comes the nanny government in the form of the CPSC (Consumer Protection). They want Buckyballs put out of business and are scaring off customers with false communications. They are also suing Buckyballs with the intention of destroying the business.

The government can do anything it wants. It’s Buckyballs today and it will be you tomorrow.

Do you know how dumb the CPSC is? I looked around my family room and I have seashells, ornaments with removable parts, pens, safety pins, notepads, and any number of things that would not go down well if swallowed. Shall I worry about the CPSC?

When I was a young child, I had marbles. I never felt the need to eat them. I had magnets and never ate those either. I must have been precocious.

The owners of Buckyballs is fighting for their lives and have established a site called Save Our Balls. [TeeHee]

The CPSC said they are charged with protecting the public and that’s what they are doing. If they see themselves as Big Brother, then I would agree.

And we wonder why businesses can’t succeed!