Buffoonish John Kerry Tells Israel They Can Be Jewish or Democratic, Not Both


Kerry gave an embarrassing speech today in opposition to U.S. policy.

John Kerry’s 80 minute speech Wednesday was almost exclusively a speech aimed at condemning Israel. The speech was billed as a way to peace in the mid-East. In truth, the speech laid out impossible demands of Israel and only resulted in reinforcing terrorism as an effective means of boxing in Israel.

Secretary Kerry thinks the U.S. can dictate to Israel and order them to go back to pre-1967 lines but 80% of the Israelis oppose such a move. Kerry said most of the world is opposed to Israel building homes on their land, but what Kerry refuses to realize is that most of the world is socialist, communist, and anti-U.S..

We should defund the U.N. and kick them out of New York and into Zimbabwe. Like the League of Nations, the United Nations doesn’t work.

Insofar as “settlements” are concerned, Israel gave back 90% of the land conquered in the 1967 war and it did not create peace. Israel gave Gaza back and it didn’t create peace — instead it created a place from which terrorists can lob bombs at Israel.

Our hard-left Secretary of State John Kerry talked about settlements in his mid-East speech for 45 minutes and terrorism for 45 seconds. The vast majority of settlements are on land that is definitely part of Israel. The situation has been grossly exaggerated and settlements aren’t the reason there isn’t peace.

The terrorists will not stop until they destroy Israel as they have often said. They have done nothing to prove themselves worthy of a Palestinian state and they’ve ceded nothing, refusing to live in peace.

As an aside, the U.S. really doesn’t have the right to dictate to other nations over a border dispute.

Israel has offered up land for a Palestinian state but the Palestinians responded with terrorism. Do they really want a state? Is that the goal? The so-called Palestinians were actually Saudis predominantly, Jordanian, Syrian and so on. Palestine was a pass-through without an identity. Prior to that, it was the Jewish homeland for 4,000 years.

Kerry insisted that Israel either be Jewish or Democratic — it can’t be both. Ironic how he said this during Hanukkah.

When Kerry talks about “democratic”, he’s referring to socialism.

“The truth is that trends on the ground, violence, terrorism, settlement expansion and the seemingly endless occupation,” Kerry said, “they are combining to destroy hopes for peace on both sides and increasingly cementing any reversible — an irreversible one state reality that most people do not actually want.”

“Today, there are a similar number of Jews and Palestinians living between the Jordan river and the Mediterranean Sea. They have a choice. They can choose to live together in one state or they can separate into two states. But here is a fundamental reality. If the choice is one state, Israel can either be Jewish or democratic. It cannot be both. And it won’t ever really be at peace.”

“Moreover, the Palestinians will never fully realize their vast potential in a homeland of their own with a one state solution.”

Kerry thinks Israel is run by the most extreme elements.

The terrorists – Hamas – who are members of the Palestinian Authority and Hezbollah, their allies, have made it clear by their actions that they will not disengage from terrorism. They also verbally insist that nothing less than the destruction of Israel will satisfy them. Hamas, according to their charter, exists solely to destroy Israel.

Kerry brushes over that.

All Israel wants is proof that the terrorists will live in peace before more land is ceded and before the state of Israel becomes indefensible by ceding the West Bank to terrorists.

Shouldn’t terrorists have to prove they can live in peace? The fact is that the hard-left Kerry thinks anyone to the right of center is extreme. It is his administration that is extreme.

The extremists are the terrorists of the Palestinian Authority. Obama is drawing moral equivalence between Israelis building homes and Palestinians terrorizing Israelis.

“The Israeli prime minister publicly supports a two state solution,” Kerry said. “But his current coalition is the most right-wing in Israeli history with an agenda driven by the most extreme elements.”

“The result is that policies of this government, which the prime minister himself just described as more committed to settlements than any in Israel’s history are leading in the opposite direction.”

“They are leading towards one state. In fact, Israel has increasingly consolidated control over much of the West Bank for its own purposes, effectively reversing the transitions to greater Palestinian civil authority that were called for by the Oslo accords. I don’t think most people in Israel and certainly in the world have any idea how broad and systematic the process has become,” he observed.

Netanyahu responded to Kerry’s speech, saying Kerry only paid lip service to the terrorism and condemned Israel. He said that Israel is committed to making peace with the Palestinians through direct negotiation. Netanyahu called Kerry’s speech “almost as unbalanced as the UN resolution passed this week”. It wasn’t about peace, it was about blaming Israel, the Israeli Prime Minister said.

Israel does not need to be lectured to by foreign powers and has always sought peace from day one, Netanyahu said.

“The Jewish people have had their place under the sun for 3,000 years and we are not about to swayed by mistaken policies that have caused great damage,” Kerry said. “Israelis do not need to be lectured of the important of peace by foreign leaders. We pray. We worked for it everyday since then. Thousands of Israel families have made the ultimate sacrifice. My family has been one of them. There are many, many others. No one wants peace more than the people of Israel.”

The Palestinians refuse to negotiate and the PA have raised another generation of hate-filled youth, he said.

Netanyahu said he will share information with the Trump administration proving the Obama administration was behind the origination, development and push for resolution 2334.

Israel, he said is a sovereign nation and only Israel can bring peace with the cooperation of its opponents. Netanyahu wants children to be raised for peace but Palestinian children are being raised to hate, murder Israelis, and idolize terrorists.

The pay a monthly salary to anyone who kills Israelis.

The Palestinian Authority has rejected Israel’s very existence so how can there be peace? This isn’t about settlements, it’s about Israel’s very existence.

Netanyahu, concluded that “it’s a shame” Secretary Kerry doesn’t see this simple truth.”

Netanyahu expressed his gratitude, “We are grateful for the support Israel has received over many, many decades. Our alliance is based on shared values and interests and a sense of shared destiny. A partnership that’s endured differences of opinions between our two governments over the best way to advance peace and stability in the Middle East. I have no doubt that our alliance will endure the profound disagreement. We have had with the Obama Administration and will become even stronger in the future.”

The Israeli Prme Minister is looking forward to a Trump administration.

“Israel looks forward to working with President-Elect Trump and with the American Congress, Democrats and Republicans to mitigate the damage that this resolution has done and ultimately to repeal it,” Netanyahu said. “Israel hopes that the outgoing Obama Administration will prevent any more damage being done to Israel at the U.N. in its waning days. I wish I could be comforted by the promise that the U.S. will not bring any more resolutions to the U.N. That’s what they said previously.”

The Obama administration has been rumored to currently be drawing up a resolution to declare certain Israeli lands, including East Jerusalem, as a Palestinian state.

President-elect Donald Trump has responded and has asked Israel to “stay strong” until he takes office on January 20th. He tweeted a message.