Burger King In Hot Water Over Strip Search of Teen


Burger King is a hot topic lately.

According to Indiana News, a prank caller contacted the store’s manager and told him he was a police officer. He further stated that he was attempting to track down a stolen purse. He then told the manager to strip search a 15 year-old female employee as part of his investigation. The manager allegedly complied.

Supposedly, the manager not only had the girl turn around naked, but he made her stand naked for a half hour with another male employee as a witness.

The father who was waiting for his daughter in the parking lot became suspicious and caught them in the middle of the strip search. Apparently he didn’t beat them senseless.

The same prank was called into three other stores, two of the managers complied and one hung up the phone.

I say fire the three managers who complied and give a promotion to the one who hung up the phone.

In another case, Inquisitir.com reports that a Pentecostal teen applied for a job at Burger King and informed the management that she could not wear black pants because her religion does not allow her to wear men’s clothing. She was told it was not a problem but when she showed up for orientation in a long black skirt, she was told she couldn’t work at Burger King.

So, she’s suing.  I think Burger King, as a private company, should be allowed to set whatever dress code they want. The only ones to benefit from these types of  lawsuits are the lawyers.