Cabal of Commies Seek to Defeat All Vestiges of Conservatism


Mother Soros

Mother Jones – the online Soros magazine – reported last week about groups of liberals – very, very “liberal” – who have united to pledge money and resources to build a national, coordinated campaign to get big money out of politics, expand the voting rolls, and rewrite Senate rules.

In reality, they do want the big money in politics but only for far left causes. They want to expand the voting rolls to include illicit voters and they definitely want to eliminate all Republican opposition in the Senate.

It seems the real goal is to keep Obama on track – the far left track – and push him even farther left. I doubt Obama will have a problem with that.

The extreme left now sees their opportunity to seize control and they are going for it.

Groups involved include the National Education Association, Greenspeace, Sierra Club, Communication Workers of American, open borders people,  the NAACP, SEIU, AFL-CIO, UAW and various other Progressive groups. They are largely comprised of Socialists, Democratic Socialists and Communists.

The groups appear to be afraid of the conservative Koch brothers as if they didn’t have Soros, Podesta and thousands of their own millionaire statists on their side.

This cabal admits they’ve joined forces before on issues like OCare. [No kidding?, Really? Well, shut my mouth]

Mother Jones, a Soros-funded publication, said it was “mission critical.” They seem to believe – or pretend to believe – that there is “a 40-plus-year strategy by the Scaifes, Exxons, Coors, and Kochs of the world…to take over the country.” [Could it be more opposite?]

They’re hot and heavy on the filibuster rules that Reid wants to pass to obliterate the Republicans.

Environmental terrorist Phil Radford said, “The game is rigged against us; the corporate right has done such a good job taking over the Congress and the courts,” Radford says. “We’re saying we need to step back and change the whole game.”

From where I’m sitting, it looks like they’re in charge of the Senate and the courts and they’re are bringing us all into the collective.

I would link to the Mother Jones story but I just can’t bring myself to link to a Soros site. The information is readily available, just google Mother Jones, the massive new plan to… and you will easily find it.