California Bound – Big Government Means Droughts For All




The Progressive dream is being realized in California. They have their one-party state and they have given the super-rich and environmentalists complete control over their destiny. They are imprisoned in big government and they can’t get out. There is no hope for them. They still don’t even know what’s going on.


Daily Beast writer Joel Kotkin penned an article for The Daily Beast appropriately title, “California Is So Over.” He describes California as “feudal, super-affluent and with an impoverished interior”, partly ascribing it to the handling of the drought by Governor Jerry Brown.

Any one who thought Moonbeam would do a good job deserves him as governor.

The current water situation in California shows the breakdown of California society into one of feudalism, divided into rich and poor. What Mr. Kotkin describes in the article is what we have already heard from potential GOP presidential candidate, Carly Fiorina.

Californians knew the drought was inevitable but since the 1970s, the water system has been a political prisoner. The great aqueducts, he says, are relics of a bygone era in California. Opposition to the needed expansion has come from the green leftists and their cronies and their adherents.

Climate change, Kotkin postulates, is an aside. The drought needs to be handled.

California has had its droughts at least since the 1860s, long before the leftists invented climate change as the cause of every problem from terrorism to asthma. They knew it was coming and did not prepare because of their big ideological government that eliminates efforts at pragmatic solutions.

Jerry Brown has opposed the building of new storage capacity but now admits it’s needed. Desalinization facilities could tap the unlimited supply of water but Brown is more concerned about this train to nowhere which costs billions.

Then there is the dumping of water.

Mr. Kotkin says:

And there needs to be, at least for the short term, an end to dumping water into San Francisco Bay for the purpose of restoring a long-gone salmon run, or to the Delta, in order to save a bait-fish, the Delta smelt, which may already be close to extinct. This dumping of water has continued even as the state has faced a potentially crippling water shortage; nothing is too good for our fish, or to salve the hyper-heated consciousness of the environmental illuminati.

Sean Hannity among others warned of the Delta smelt problem in 2009.

This is what Carly Fiorina has been saying about the environmentalists. Seventy percent of California’s water is washed out to sea because of them and this is during a drought.

California has the highest poverty rate in the nation, whereas it was below the national average in the 1970s and 1980s. The rich have profited and have “the fourth-highest rate of inequality in the country”, Kotkin writes.

For all of this, it is Texas, not California, leads in Green jobs.

Brown is aware of the fact that the environmentalist demands will do little or nothing to combat climate change but his “spiritual Gaia” is Progressive environmentalism. Business interests don’t butt them either, they just keep trying to adjust.

Mr. Kotkin concludes”

What we are witnessing the breakdown of a once-expansive, open society into one dominated by a small group of plutocrats, largely in Silicon Valley, with an “amen” crew among the low-information donors of Hollywood, the public unions, the green lobby, and wealthy real estate developers favored by Brown’s pro-density policies. This coalition backs Brown and helps maintain the state’s essentially one-party system.

California is only the beginning. That same narcissistic hypocrisy will eventually take over the rest of the country as Progressives win more and more control and we become the one-party utopia of the Progressives.