California Erasing All Distinctions Between Illegals and Citizens



Illegal aliens in California will now be able to get driver’s licenses in California. That will give them entree to many services normally reserved for citizens. Can we afford this?

California gets $40 million in bailout loans each month from the federal government. We will pay for California’s financial mistakes.

California has sent a bill to Governor Moonbeam which will allow illegal aliens to practice law. As if we donn’t have enough lawyers. Now people here illegally can take jobs from citizens in the field of law.

It would take an idiot to not see the ramifications of this. Illegals will now more easily be able to sue for their ‘rights’ which they believe should be better than those of citizens. Read about the law proposal at Reuters

What they did in the case of the lawyer’s bill was to take a very sympathetic case no one would oppose and use it to set precedent.

The welfare tab for children of illegal immigrants in LA county this year alone was over $600 million. The parents get the money to use as they would like. All they have to do is keep having babies. Our country is training people here illegally to be moochers.

California now allows legal permanent residents to monitor polls during elections and help translate instructions and offer other assistance to voting citizens. That is part of their ‘get out the illegal vote’ effort. There is also a bill in process to allow illegals to sit on juries.

California was first to give children of illegals not born here the ‘right’ to collect government funds to go to school, funds normally reserved for citizens.

The New York Times thinks California is on the leading edge. If by leading edge, they mean over the cliff, then I agree.  The Times wants to see more of these ‘immigrant-friendly’ measures.

California has 2.5 million illegals living in their state – their bankrupt state I might add. With that high a number of illegals, you can be sure that illegals are heavily involved in this decision making.