California Green Scam: $150 Million Goes to Consultants and Auditors, Creates Few Jobs



The heavy tax placed on energy companies in California has been wasted on consultants and energy auditors so far. It’s half the amount collected. Instead of 11,000 jobs, they created 1700. No one is accountable because the so-called oversight board hasn’t met and no one is producing data on completed projects or energy savings. It’s what the greenies want for the entire country. Not one project in the 12.6 million dollar allotment for LA schools has been completed and it gets worse from there.

Jerry Brown’s California raised taxes three years ago on corporations via the Clean Energy Jobs Act of 2012 for the purpose of producing clean energy jobs and, like all government job creation, it didn’t work very well. Only 1700 of the promised 11,000 jobs were created in three years.

There is also no list to be found which shows how much work has been done or how much energy has been saved which is not a surprise since the government is unaccountable for anything.

More than half of the $297 million for the schools went to consultants and energy auditors. Half!

Accountability boards exist for their own existence. They haven’t met they say because there isn’t enough data collected for the nine-member oversight board of professors, engineers and climate experts to meet. They could have made some effort to get it.

The State Energy Commission oversees Proposition 39 spending but has no data on completed projects and schools haven’t submitted their energy savings from it.

In California’s alternative universe, the program is said to be on track.

The AP’s review of state and local records found that not one project for which the state allocated $12.6 million has been completed in the Los Angeles Unified School District, which has nearly 1,000 schools.

The office of Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles, previously estimated LAUSD would save up to $27 million a year on energy costs; projects proposed by the district so far would save only $1.4 million.

Schools have applied for only half of the $973 million available so far, or that $153 million of the $297 million given to schools has gone for energy planning by consultants and auditors.

If the schools needed it, they would have applied but, to not lose the money, they’ll come up with unneeded projects.

The proposition is bringing in a lot less money than they anticipated. The bill was personally funded by Tom Steyer, photo below, the billionaire leftist green energy activist.

It is raising costs of energy for homeowners.


Steyer wants these same ideas in place for the entire nation and will fund any leftist green candidate with $100 million of his fortune.

It’s undeniable that Proposition 39 has created a disappointing number of jobs, said Kirk Clark, vice president of the California Business Roundtable, which opposed the measure but did not aggressively lobby against it.

Clark also noted that nearly half the approved projects have been lighting retrofits, which don’t create as many jobs as work-intensive projects such as replacing heating and air conditioning systems.


Source: AP