California – Land of Sun and No Fun


Cali dreamin

California Dreamin’? Eh, not so much anymore!

California spends more time regulating fun and frolic on their beaches than they do controlling drugs and gang activity. They have banned dogs, horseshoes, ball playing, beach balls, frisbees, glass, and alcohol. Surfing is restricted. Now bonfires are on the chopping block. Smoking is already banned.

Bonfire supporters are putting up a fight but it’s not likely they will win. Cali says there is too much smoke and pollution. Sounds like Beijing. Only a matter of time before offenders get hauled off to the hoosegow.

In Florida, people can only have air-inflated beach balls.

Long Island, New York is in good shape, they are simply taxing fun to death and making it too expensive to enjoy the beach, especially to go surfing. The rich do fine here of course.

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