California Students Rank 47th in Science


Only 22% of California’s eighth grade students passed science.

Thirty-one percent of the nation’s eighth graders scored proficient or advanced, which is a slight improvement over scores from two years ago.

California ranked above Mississippi, Alabama, and the District of Columbia. Am I the only one who finds it deplorable that our nations’ capitol with all those politicians is also the home of the poorest students in the country? Ironic, isn’t it? For all the money they pour into education, it’s not working. The money they waste on the redundant National Department of Education would be better spent on state education funds.

The test was given to sample sizes to make the information more readily understood. In fairness, large urban areas are said to be overly-represented. Urban areas contain a higher concentration of poor, who are often not making it our educational programs, often because of problems orignating around the home.

California students who make it to the SAT, ACT, and Advanced Placement outscore their peers nationally.

Liberal California can handle the rich and the studious but not so much the poor and needier of their students.

One claim is that California’s science curricula does not include Earth or space science in eighth grade and that is one reason they did poorly on the tests. The curricula does include those areas in other grades however. California curricula.

The Obama administration will say we need more big government intervention with nanny government establishing a one size fits all system for each state. That is exactly the problem now. We went from a disastrous No Child Left Behind to something even worse, Race to the Top. These monolithic approaches don’t work. Each locale should be in charge of their own schools.

When officials say we need to spend more time teaching science, they should take a look at the unfunded mandates coming down from the federal and state governments which force unnecessary programs on schools, programs which are not always appropriate to the particular schools. Let the teachers teach!

California is not alone. USA Today has a piece about the poor science performance of the U.S. nationwide.

•U.S. mathematics and science K-12 education ranks 48th worldwide.

•49% of U.S. adults don’t know how long it takes for the Earth to circle the sun.

China has replaced the United States as the world’s top high-technology exporter.

Read about California’s test scores at the Orange County Register

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