Californians Vote for Union Pension Reform in a Landslide

Rally of the Open Borders Crowd (that's working well) with the AFL-CIO. Notice the Commie Fist on the placards.

Another serious message the lamestream media is ignoring comes out of California, not exactly a bastion of conservatives. People have had enough.

A landslide vote against the unions yesterday –

Sacramento CBS: SAN DIEGO (AP) — Voters in two major California cities have overwhelmingly approved cuts to retirement benefits for city workers. Supporters are calling it a mandate that may lead to similar ballot initiatives in other states and cities that are struggling with mounting pension obligations.

In San Diego, 66 percent voted in favor of Proposition B, while 34 percent were opposed. Nearly 97 percent of precincts were tallied by early Wednesday.

The landslide was even bigger in San Jose, with 70 percent in favor of Measure B and 30 percent opposed. All precincts are counted…Read more at CBS

Let’s hope this message to the corrupt and unreasonable unions sweeps the nation.