California’s Downward Spiral as a One-Party State Gives Us a Glimpse Into America’s Future


California Governor Jerry Brown has famously called taxpayers “freeloaders” as he welcomes poor, uneducated foreigners to come to California illegally to live off welfare. Senate Pro Tem Kevin De Leon said half his family is in the country illegally and he believes it is their right to be here. LA Mayor Eric Garcetti is destroying the economy for the sake of illegal immigration. All are misappropriating funds. All have established Socialist policies.

California has: ended the ban on communists in government positions; demands an unsustainable Single Payer healthcare; spends uncontrollably; hopes to imprison people for using what they say are improper transgender pronouns; and it is a sanctuary state – even for criminals, and spends so much money on the people here illegally that they don’t have enough money to properly care for any of the poor citizens.

It won’t get any better in the near future.

California has become a foreign country with the blessings of its far-left politicians. Currently 45% of Californians speak a foreign language at home. They are not assimilated and many are here illegally. They didn’t come in many cases to adopt our values.

The state has lost its identity as part of the United States and the rest of the country isn’t far behind with nearly one out of five currently speaking a foreign language at home.

A good indicator can be seen in the numbers of illegal aliens currently holding driver’s licenses in the state. The licenses also enable voter fraud.

Since January 2015, California “residents” have not been required to prove they are American citizens to obtain a driver’s license. They only have to show ID and residency in the state. Currently, under Assembly Bill 60, one million illegal aliens are on track to receive licenses and ten other states are doing the same thing.

Take that information and combine it with the fact that New Motor Voter laws automatically register holders of driver’s licenses to vote. It enables voter fraud.

All these people bring in their families through chain migration, multiplying those numbers exponentially.

Laura Ingraham addressed the extreme poverty in California on her show Friday night. California, with the eight largest economy of the nation’s cities,  and for all of its many natural resources is the poorest state in the union. It is also a one party state, a Socialist state. Look at your future and weep.

Foreigners coming for the wrong reasons en masse [we are not talking about the immigrants who come the right way] also bring their culture. Some are very ignorant, some are criminals, and they are not expected to assimilate. Liberals/Leftists want Americans to adapt to them and their policies demand it. Therein lies the core problem.


  1. If ever you are confused or questioning the intent of any Democrat initiative, please keep this one thing in mind.

    With each and every step they take, move they make, there is but one, primary, over-arching goal of Democrats: The transformation of America into a single party, Marxist style of government.

    A step farther, if you’ve likewise wondered why it is many Republicans seem to sign onto initiatives which would ultimately spell the death of the Republican party, know these Elitists do not particularly care if the RNC were to be wiped out. As a part of the Washington Elitists, they would continue to own a piece of the power pie … which is all they care about.

  2. BTW, I have tried my might to think of one Democrat ideal or initiative which does not coincide with that ultimate goal. For the life of me, I can not come up with one. Would like to consider a suggestion from anybody.

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