Calls for Full-Blown Socialism Are Growing

Our Socialist Democrats — so far

Bernie Sanders is calling for full-blown, radical Socialism and 15 Democrats have already jumped aboard his bankrupt America train. His Single Payer plan has been found to be undoable in Vermont, Colorado and Vermont, Sanders’ own state, yet he’s pushing it and it will become the Democrats’ signature issue in 2020, it has been said.

The quality of the UK system is shockingly poor because only rationing can make it work and these Democrats apparently want to replicate it here.

Bernie wants to double down on the unaffordable mini-Socialist healthcare — Obamacare — by putting in the granddaddy of Obamacare.

Bernie wants to become President in 2020 and he doesn’t care what lies he has to tell the useful idiots who believe him no matter what he says. He didn’t even bother to offer the finances that would make it work because there aren’t any.

Steve Forbes, with his usual common sense explains why so many senators are now calling for it.

Bernie knows the truth — it can’t work. In 1987, he said it would bankrupt the nation, but he no longer cares if it bankrupts the nation because he is morally bankrupt.

Listen to him in his own words in this clip from 1987.

Sanders in 1987 Knew Medicare for All Would Bankrupt the Nation, Now He Doesn’t Care


  1. The NY Post had a terrific idea. Republicans should send Bernie’s Medicare for All “plan” to the Congressional Budget Office for scoring, and then when the horrific fiscal news comes back, make Senate Dems vote up or down on it.
    Could we hope Mitch could be at least that clever?

    • Frank, I think the quick answer is what you already know: “No, Mitch isn’t that clever.”

      I think he’s clever this way: obstruct every step of the way. And bring Trump down, along with all the rest of the Republicans who are no different than Democrats.

      We are in a one-party system. Anything that makes America stronger and safer, we will not see done. Anything that weakens and destroys America? We’ve seen plenty, and we’ll see more.

      DACA, no wall, chain migration … perfect recipes to destroy America (continue to destroy America) from within.

  2. The Democrats clarion call for voters: FREE!

    Millions of illegal immigrants — guess what YOU get for free!?? And we’ll have chain migration, and you can bring your families up, and it’s all FREE!! You just remember, now, who gave all those freebies to you! Ain’t it great!?

    Live off the backs of others … and eventually those backs will break, those coffers will run dry. And then, of course … the only ‘rule of law’ is brutal dictatorship, quelling dissent everywhere and anywhere as poverty for all sets in, and life is devoid of any color and meaning.

  3. “Oh Noooz! Not full blown radical socialism!
    America could NEVER afford the same healthcare system those wealthy CUBANS have had for decades, the very same system adopted in every single other major first world nation on the planet…what do you think we’re made of money! Stupid libtards”

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